Solaris Solutions

A passion for customer service launched Solaris Solutions Inc. in  2003. Founded by Wayne Kozak after 25 years work experience in engineering, technical service, product management, training, customer service, sales and marketing, Solaris is a company built on an affirmation or philosophy that every problem has a solution.

As we progress in our lives and in business, without question, we encounter problems.  It’s our attitude that differentiates us from our competitors.  Our attitude to help, our attitude to question and listen, our attitude to understand customer needs, our attitude to respond and our attitude to believe that every problem has a solution. The attitude that forms the foundation of the corporation came from the late Chester Kozak, a tax accountant and close uncle of Wayne, who many years ago, stated.....  “every problem has a solution and the secret to life is to find the right solution.”  One sentence, mentioned in passing years ago, now forms the foundation and philosophy of the company.

Other key individuals contributing to the formation of the corporation include the late John Kozak, father of Wayne and one who lead by example. He taught that success is based on hard work, results and being trustworthy.  John Z DeLorean, the late GM Executive and Jack Caveney Founder and CEO of Panduit Corporation, two powerful leaders whom Wayne worked for over the years, taught that integrity and attention to (minor) details is often the difference between success and failure. Bill McSherry, a seasoned Professional Engineer, Certified Financial Planer and mentor, focused on responding to customers needs, quantitative analysis, product specifications, competitive analysis and how to persevere despite all odds. Bob Horky, another guiding force. evaluated projects based on the facts and matched customer needs to manufacturing processes.  His focus was on the coating process, statistical process controls, Design of Experiments, Juran Quality, Quality Function Deployment, Stage Gate Product Development, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, World Class Best Practices and more. Bob always said, coating and converting, is as much a art as it is a science!  How true he is!

Solaris’s unique origins and stable growth creates strategic, long-term relationships with customers.  We maintain supply relationships with quality raw material manufacturers to offer customer’s competitive pricing.  Our unique web based sales and marketing tools, combined with consulting services, improve the efficiency of our customers.

Solaris Solutions Inc. 9363 Belmont Ave. St. John IN 46373 USA

Phone: 708-269-8402 Fax: 219-365-3796

July 2017