Web Solutions

The Solaris Services Group, works with Marketing Managers, Accounting Managers, HR Departments, Customer Service Organizations, Logistics Professionals, Manufacturing Managers and Quality Professionals to improve efficiency and lower operating costs.  Using the speed and accessibility of the internet, our innovative WebSolutions help corporations of all size, work smarter and faster.

Web Site Development

A core competency of the WebSolutions Group is the creation of Strategic Web Sites based on product specific marketing plans.  Using proven SEO, Search Engine Optimization, techniques and other strategic tactics, a strategic Web Site will improve your image and improve page rankings by Google and Yahoo, thereby generating additional revenue.

Web Site Development

WebView EZ is a turn key, secure SAS 70* certified online image repository.  WebView EZ is designed to host computer generated reports and/or scanned paper documents online without using internal IT resources. We provide your data, online, with a searchable database and serve the images to you or your customers in Adobe PDF format. The intuitive graphical user interface, is EZ to navigate and user training takes minutes.

Web Point Service

Our innovative WebPoint Service (SM) reduces operating costs, reduces scrap and improves communication.  Designed for medium to large OEM’s a WebPoint, is a unique web space created and designed to meet the needs of one specific customer.  WebPoint Service can be set up without the use internal TT resources and is scaleable to expand as rapidly as the enterprise is ready to implement cost savings ideas.